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The level of development of plastic molds and market trends In recent years ,  China plastic mold manufacturing level has been greatly improved. Large plastic molds capable of producing a single set of weight to 50t. More injection mold, precision plastic mold precision has reached 2μm, high precision parts and molds small modulus gear up. The lights die and other high optical requirements have also been able to produce multi- cavity plastic mold plastic mold has been able to produce a mold cavity of 7800 , high-speed. Molds capable of producing more than the extrusion speed up 6m/min speed plastic profile extrusion die and the main lumen extrusion profiles , double. Color co-extrusion , coextrusion hardness after extrusion , co-extrusion of recycled materials and other low- foaming plastic extrusion mold . The means of production mold business equipment NC rate has been greatly improved , CAD / CAE / CAM technology application surface has been greatly extended , high-speed machining and has been increasingly adopted RP / RT and other advanced technologies , the use of standard mold and die commercialization coverage rate has increased substantially improve the degree , the proportion of hot runner injection mold has improved greatly. In addition , foreign-funded enterprises to flourish further promote the plastic Mold design and manufacturing standards and improve enterprise management level , some companies have realized the full information management and digital manufacturing.

After several years of development, development, innovation and enterprise management, plastic mold has shown some new development trend.

Potential :

( 1) The quality of the injection mold , lead times , price, service four elements , more and more users will delivery cycle
In the first place . Company as soon as the delivery requirements of the mold, which has become a trend. Companies look for ways to improve their ability to adapt and improve technical standards and improve the level of equipment , improve management and efficiency are all effective to shorten the production cycle die means .

( 2 ) greatly improve the ability to develop , will try to push forward the development work until the intervention to mold to the user’s product development even before the user object is no clear development , change from passive to active. Currently, TV and display case, empty tone housing , motorcycle plastic parts , have been using this method , cell phones and telephones mold development has begun to try . This practice Breaking the mold factory can only wait for a long time had a contract to carry out the passive situation of mold design based on user requirements.

( 3 ) With the improvement of the level of mold design and processing enterprises , and mold manufacturing are fitter from the past mainly rely on skills converted to mainly rely on technology. This is not only changing the means of production , but also the rise of production changes and ideas. The degree of standardization trend makes the mold continues to improve, more and more high precision molds , production cycles are getting shorter, the proportion of the more fitter to lower , and ultimately promote the continuous improvement of the overall level of mold industry . China ‘s mold industry currently has more than 10 state-level high-tech technology companies , about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. Adapt to this trend , the main backbone of the production molds from craft talents gradually transformed into technical talent is a necessary requirement . Of course , the present and for a long period of time, skill talent remains important because , after all, difficult to completely get rid of the mold skills to rely on.

( 4 ) the injection mold and die production companies are developing quickly to the information . In the information society, as a high level of modern mold companies , only just CAD / CAM applications have been enough. Currently, many companies have adopted the CAE, CAT, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, RE, CIMS, ERP and other technology and other advanced manufacturing technology and virtual networks technology, these are the messages of the performance. To develop in the direction of the trend of information technology has become the industry consensus.

( 5 ) With the continuous progress of human society , the mold is bound to wider areas and higher level of development. Now, can grasp the opportunity to develop new markets, continue to find new growth point of the mold can produce high-tech enterprises and enterprise business dies is booming, profits and employee income levels are good . Therefore, enterprises should seize this mold tend to continuously improve the overall hormone quality and international competitiveness.

( 6 ) Die -developed industrial countries is accelerating the shift to China , and its expression is : First, relocation , and second, investments, three procurement . Chinese enterprises should seize the opportunity to mold , borrow and learn foreign advanced technology , accelerate their pace of development. The main problems China plastic mold industry and foreign advanced level, the following problems:

( a ) uneven development , the lower the overall level of the product. Although individual company’s products have reached the international advanced level or close, But overall, precision mold cavity surface roughness , the production cycle, and other indicators of life expectancy compared with foreign advanced level then there is a big gap . Including production and business management , including the overall level compared with foreign industrial countries there are 10
in the above gap.

( b ) backward technology and equipment , poor organization and coordination . While some companies in recent years through technological innovation , technology and equipment levels have more advanced equipment levels and some foreign-funded enterprises are also not lagging behind in foreign countries, but most of the business process and equipment still relatively backward. More importantly, poor organization and coordination capacity of enterprises, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our own use , thereby It is difficult to undertake large projects.

( c ) Most of weak corporate development , innovation is clearly insufficient. On the one hand is the low proportion of technical personnel , insufficient level high, on the other hand is less investment in research and development; more important is the concept behind the development of innovation and not enough attention . Mold companies
Not only should pay attention to the development of mold , but also pay attention to product innovation .

( d ) short-term supply and demand is difficult to alleviate . In recent years , domestic plastic mold of the domestic injection mold market to meet the rate has been less than 74% of it’s in large, sophisticated, long-life molds to meet lower rate, estimated less than 60 %. At the same time , the mold industrial countries are added speed ​​transfer to China , more and more international procurement , international market prospects . Market demand, the development of production proven hard to keep pace , the supply situation will continue for some time.

( e) institutional and personnel issues take time to resolve . In the socialist market economy, competitive industries , especially as Injection Mold so dependent on a particular user , single-piece production needs of the industry, state-owned and collectively owned the original system and operational mechanism has becomes more and more suited. The quantity and quality of talent but also keep up with the rapid development of the industry. Prospects During the ” Eleventh Five-Year” In the information technology to stimulate industrialization development today , we need to see results, but also attach importance to the backward , to seize the opportunity, mining to take measures to lower the growing trend of economic globalization accelerating , raising the level of plastic mold as soon as possible , into the international market go to promote the rapid development of China’s plastic mold industry , there are two aspects should be paid: First, government policies to promote the development of mold industry plays a very important role. Internationally , countries die industry in the early stages of development have been strong government support. On China’s actual situation, should not reduce the import of domestic production tariff precision mold manufacturing equipment , implementation of preferential policies on the part of a good national professional mold factory , etc. , through policy guidance role Accelerate the industry ‘s development and progress. Second, with the development of the market , new materials and plastic molding diverse ways in the future will inevitably evolving , so the mold the requirements are also increasing . In order to meet market needs, whether it is the future of plastic mold species , structure, performance , or processing there are bound to rapid development , and this development must keep pace with the times . Looking ahead, the following aspects are expected trends: Get faster application and promotion in the industry.

( 1 ) large , ultra-precision , long life , high efficiency mold will be developed.

( 2 ) a variety of materials , multi-colored , multi-layer multi- cavity mold a variety of integrated molding method will be developed.

( 3 ) for a variety of rapid economic mold , especially with the rapid prototyping technology combined RP / RT technology will be rapid development

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