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Simply, the fastest, low-cost
custom plastic injection molding
& CNC machining anywhere.

Custom Injection Mold

Custom Plastic Injection
Molding Services

ICOMold Injection Molding Company specializes in providing plastic molding services when your plastic parts need are between 100–100,000+ parts.

Our Injection Mold Frame Library System allows us to keep our costs low so we can stay highly competitive and makes us 30% – 50% less in cost so we can pass on the savings. Your production plastic injection mold is backed by our Lifetime Warranty so you don’t incur new costs on your molding tool.

ICOMold Injection Molding Company has been building quality plastic molding & parts in the United States of America since 2003. We continue to be highly competitive in order to deliver low-cost, fast parts to customers all over the world.

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CNC Machined Parts/
CNC Prototyping

Whether you need of a small quantity of plastic parts between
1–100; or prototype parts for form, fit and functional testing, ICOMold’s CNC machined plastic parts are what you’re looking for. Plastic parts are cut by a CNC milling machine that uses your CAD data to carve your parts from blocks of high-quality resin.

The CNC machining process is fast, plus there’s virtually no size or geometry limitation. Your CNC milled parts can have different finishes and can be painted to your specification. CNC machined plastic parts are an economical, quality alternative to plastic molding when you have a tight budget, are making prototype plastic parts, or if you only need to have a few parts produced.

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The Fastest Injection Mold
Quotes in the Industry

Offering the world’s first and only Instant injection mold quote. It took us two years to develop the instant injection mold quote and our customers love it because they can see the cost of their injection molds and plastic parts on their own computer screen just right after they upload their 3D CAD model.

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Customer Testimonials

We can tell you all day about our low plastic molding cost, fast turnaround, and industry unique Instant Injection Mold Quoting System, but you should hear from our thrilled & satisfied customers why they think ICOMold injection molding company is the best & leading plastic injection molding company in America and the world. Click

plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding

Searchable Plastic Molding Material Library

ICOMold injection molding company material library offers a variety of materials. Custom plastic moldingmaterials are welcome by ICOMold. Our standard plastic molding material library shows material grade, characteristics, and application. It provides a download option for customers to download injection mold material specifications in pdf format. Our customers can search the materials selecting material spec desired. You can view the materials list by following this link: Parts Materials List.

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