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ICOMold provides fast and low cost
plastic injection molding
and CNC machining services

plastic injection molding

Rapid Plastic Injection Molding Services

ICOMold specializes in plastic injection molds, prototype molds & CNC manufacturing, rapid injection molding, custom plastic injection molds, injection molded plastic parts and CNC machined parts. We are structured to quickly produce low-cost, pre-hardened injection molds for prototypes and production parts. Our pre-hardened steel injection mold prices are typically lower than aluminum molds, and our standard lead-time is two to five weeks regardless of the size or complexity of your parts.

We have a vast selection of standard plastic resins and colors to choose from, and we welcome your requirements for specialty resin materials and special colors. Select from our standard plastic surface finishes, or you can specify your requirement. Our sole purpose is to quickly supply you with high-quality plastic injection molded parts without breaking your budget therefore supporting your requirements for functional testing, bridge tooling, pre-production marketing, and ongoing low-volume production. Producing your low cost, high-quality injection molding, injection molded parts and CNC manufactured parts is why ICOMold  is the injection molding company for your plastic molds and parts needs.  ICOMold is headquartered near Toledo, in Holland, Ohio, USA!

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CNC Machined Parts/CNC Prototyping

CNC Machining or CNC Plastic Prototyping is a subtractive manufacturing process for quickly making prototype parts or low-production parts for approximately 1–100 pieces. ICOMold specializes in fast, low cost, high quality CNC Machined parts. When you need 100 pieces or less, plastic injection molding may not be the most cost-effective route. CNC Machined plastic parts can be used to test form, fit and function so you can determine whether to make design changes in order to proceed with plastic injection molding your parts.


  • Fast turnaround time for most prototypes and low productions
  • No size limitation
  • Tight tolerances
  • Threads, inserts, and undercuts
  • Value-added services: painting, pad printing, and silk screening

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Here’s What Our Customers
Have To Say…

Plastic Injection Molding ICOMold®

".....I was very impressed with you and your companies ability and willingness to work with a novice in plastics as I am, and work through some design changes. I have learned a lot from you and hope this is a huge success for both of us. (frankly I did contact 2 other companies and they acted like they had no time for me)"
plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding
plastic injection molding

Searchable Material Library

The ICOMold material library offers a variety of materials for our customers. Custom specified materials are also welcome by ICOMold. Our standard plastic injection molding material library shows the material’s grade, characteristics, and application. It also provides a download option for customers to download injection mold material specifications in pdf format. Our customers can search the materials selecting material spec desired. You can view the materials list by following this link: Parts Materials List.

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